“Anytime The Devil Wants To Destroy A Believer This Is What He Does” – Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals One Strategy Uses

The devil has so many strategies through which he does destroy those that are steadfast in the Lord. Among these strategies is the act of being misconstrued toward the things of God. Under this, Apostle Joshua Selman of Koinonia Ministry has revealed that when the devil wants to destroy a believer he would make them see the church and every spiritual activity as being too burdensome.

As shared by the cleric, When your passion as a believer for the house of God goes down, know quite right that the platform for your growth has also been destroyed. The house of God is a place of understanding that is why the devil is doing everything possible to ensure that believers miss out on the grace to be fully taught and led aright in the house of God. The devil would make a believer lose confidence and trust in the scripture and the men of God that are responsible for spiritual training. With this, whoever has fallen victim would also see church activists as being too burdensome.

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As shared by the cleric, every time you appear before God, you are not doing God a favour and you are not doing a man of God a favour. It is for your benefit. This the devil has seen and would try as much as possible to rob you of all the blessings of God attached to your activities In the house of God.

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