Apostle Joshua Selman Shares Three Levels Of Wealth A Man Could Possess

Apostle Joshua Selman a televangelist and preacher shares three levels of wealth a man could possess. He disclosed this in one of his message at a conference. According to him, wealth is very essential in the life of everyone. He said that It takes abundance and riches to be relevant in the present world. Without wealth, it may be difficult to live beyond existing state of affairs in life. In this note, he shares three levels of wealth that a man could possess to boost his status and relevance in life.

Apostle Joshua Selman is a Nigerian Gospel minister, instrumentalist, Chemical Engineer, conference speaker and televangelist. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Eternity Network International (ENI). The (ENI) have a program, Koinonia, a gospel fellowship that holds weekly in Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State, as well as Abuja, Nigeria. Apostle Joshua Selman gave vivid explanation on various ways wealthy men could acquire wealth. He explained that every wealthy man in the world either transact for wealth, transform lives to get wealth, or connect with God to possess their wealth. He also said that there’s a place called wealthy place, it takes diligence and determination to get to the wealthy place. This article will explain various levels of wealth as identified by Apostle Joshua Selman. They are explained below:

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Transactional Wealth: according to Joshua Selman, transactional wealth can be acquired from business and other medium of exchange, he called it exchange of value from one person to another. This is the most common way wealth could be acquired all over the world. He explained that majority of the wealthy people in the world have a transaction with one or more people to acquire their wealth. According to him, transactional wealth is negotiable, and it takes thorough negotiation to transact with other people. This wealth is the basic among the level of wealth. Majority of the businessmen, technologies, producers, entertainers, website owners derive their wealth from transacting with others.

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Transformational wealth: this wealth entails the wealth acquired by transforming the lives of others. Apostle Joshua Selman said this kind of wealth is not most times based on negotiation, the individuals who are transformed can bless the person who transform them according to their perception of the person or the status he has acquired in the society. He affirmed that the more a person grows in value and status, the more he can get valuable gifts and blessings when he transforms lives. There are some people who have transformed lives for years before the benefits attached to the transformation comes to them in terms of blessings and abundance. Majority of the pastors, motivational speakers, conference speakers, hosts, counselors, gospel artiste derive their wealth from transforming lives.

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3. Sovereign wealth: according to Apostle Joshua Selman sovereign is a wealth that comes from above. He affirmed every good and perfect gifts comes from the Father of light above. This wealth could be acquired when a man consistently seek God with all his life. He said that this level of wealth could be called the finger of God. There are possibilities in God that can bring a man into a wealthy place. Favour from men, miracle alert and honour from men to pay your bills are categories of transformational wealth.

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