As A Single Stop Saying You Cannot Marry From This Tribe, This Is What You Don’t Know – Pastor Peace Ibiyeomie Advises Singles

Pastor Peace Ibiyeomie spoke on ‘Understanding The Power Of The Tongue’ at mother’s Sunday, first service, Salvation Ministries Home of Success.

she spoke about the duties of the tongue and review that your tongue can protect or ruin your marriage. Isaiah 3:8. You can’t expect to have marital bliss and be condemning your marriage. It is what you say that God confirms. As you have spoken, so will the Lord do. She then advised that you say words like my marriage is glorious and fruitful, my home is blessed, etc. “Always be talking good about your marriage no matter what because you will use it to tame it and so will it never be your portion in Jesus’ name,” she prayed.

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Speaking further, she said that your confession determines what you become or what happens to you. Your mouth, tongue, and words, determine tomorrow. You know that our mouth and our tongues are a weapon and the word there is the ammunition. We use it to declare and talk. “As a single man, God’s word declares in Proverbs 18:22. So begin to declare that the wife you want to marry is a good woman and that you will enjoy favour through her,” she said.

Speaking to the single ladies, she said that you also declare your husband will see you as good and that God will make you a favored embodiment for him. That any man that marries you, you will be a good thing to him. That you will not bring him down. One shall chase a thousand and two shall bring 10000 to flight. So that when the man marries you, good things will be happening to him.

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“Don’t say I will never marry an Igbo man. What if it’s an Igbo man that God wants you to marry?” she said. So be careful of what you are saying. The more you say it, the more you experience it. As you are declaring that I will be an embodiment of favour, so will your husband be. Don’t be using your mouth and talking evil about yourself.

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