Evang. Bamiloye Cautions Ministers About Using The Power God Gave Them, As He Reveals What A Pastor Said To His Son That Made Him Start Behaving

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about why ministers of God should be careful in exhibiting the power of God.

He said that a man of God went to the mountain to pray and fast for God’s Power and authority to do mighty exploits in his ministry. After spending long days in prayers and fasting, the Lord spoke to him one day that his prayers were answered and that he could now go home. He was happy and packed his bags and came down the mountain and went back home. Having gone on a long fasting, and taken some light things for strength, he had hoped to get settled at home and eat well.

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So, when he got home and the food was being prepared, he became very impatient. At one point, he became angry with his son who was acting sluggishly in bringing the food. Then, in his anger, he shouted at the boy: “Be quick! Why are you acting like a fool?” And instantly, the boy began to misbehave like a mad person. He had misfired with the power and authority he got from the long prayers and fasting.

Unfortunately, the first victim was his dear son. Immediately, he got up and began to pray for the healing of the boy, but nothing worked until a group of ministers came to join him in prayers before the boy could be delivered. Next, The Lord spoke to him and said: “You asked for the power you could not control. 

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The power is taken from you henceforth.”

Finally, he said that since that time, he learned that the man of God was noted for the revelation of the Word of God but no manifestations of the miraculous in his preaching ministry.

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