“I Have Lived With my Wife For Many Years And I Have Never Had Any Reason to do This” – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

Founder of Winners Chapel Aka Living Faith, Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals that he has lived with his wife for many years and he has never had any reason to complain.

He disclosed that people complicate and mess up God’s plan for their life when they complain.

He made example of Hannah, which he disclosed that until her countenance was no more sad, God decided to visit her.

In his words,

 My wife is here, we have lived together all these years. I have never one day said to her, “I don’t even understand what is happening” in my life? Never. 

Somebody once asked me “Brother David do you ever have any problem?” I said maybe it came and I didn’t know. People won’t see problems on your life anymore. 

It is not about pretending, it is all about being smarter than the issues of your life. I was on #300 per month as a married man, no complain. 

Living in the office building with only one toilet used by all church members, no complaining. What is your problem?

I was using my beetle car to carry members from the church to the filling station where they will get a bus. 

Two people in front with me and the others behind me. No complain. Stop messing up God’s agenda in your life. Stop complicating your matters by complaining. 

Until Hannah’s countenance was no more sad, God didn’t visit her. You are precious in the sight of God, don’t let Him turn His back on you. Hebrews 12:2. The joy of the Lord is a proof that you believe in the reality of His agenda for your life. Wake up. 

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