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“ I love you but my wife has to be dead before I can marry you!” Freeman said to Beauty.

Beauty locked her eyes with his. She could see that was the first time he was saying the truth to her.

It’s been two years she had been asking him the same question.

“ Why can’t we be together? I don’t mind becoming your second wife! Get me an apartment not too far away from your home and I promise to stay away from your first family!” This were her usual words whenever Freeman was in a good mood and his usual answer was always….

“ Beauty, we can’t be together. What we have is more than enough!”

Hearing him at that moment saying if his wife died, he would marry her was the best words she had heard that year.

“ Then let’s get her out of the way!” Beauty said under her breath but Freeman didnt pick up the words as he was already on a call. He picked up his car keys and sauntered out of the room blowing Beauty a goodnight kiss.

Their routine for the last two years had been the same. He would leave his office by 4pm sharp, get to her place by 4:20pm and stay till 9pm. After which, he leaves for home…

Freeman walked towards his car. He was going home!

“Home! Home sweet Home!” Freeman thought happily. He had two beautiful worlds.

Life was good! He had everything good. He was his own boss, he was just 39years old and he was a king in the ICT sector in the country.

He was also fortunate to have two women in his life. He gets to enjoy the two roles; Husband and boyfriend. He was the husband to Pamilerin and they had three beautiful daughters; Venita, Juanita, and Theresa. He wouldn’t trade his family for anything in the world. He loved them to death.


Beauty was a worthy distraction. Areas where his wife fell short, Beauty made up. Pamilerin was not romantic, but Beauty was a die hard romantic.

Pamilerin was not much of a cook as she was raised up by very rich guardians, but Beauty was a professor in the kitchen.

Pamilerin was cool headed and didn’t like adventure , but Beauty knew how to bring out the baby in him….

However, Pamilerin had her good sides… Pamilerin was calculating and smart, while Beauty was Beauty without brains. Beauty did not like thinking too hard, but whenever he needed good advise about his investment, Pamilerin was his girl…

Pamilerin was his Lucky Charm. Pamilerin knew when a business would fail. Whenever Pamilerin was happy with him, his business was always skyrocketing.

“Am I not the luckiest man on earth, I have all I want!” Freeman said to himself as he got into his “expensive machine of a car” as his friend Rele calls it.


“ I told you, didn’t I?” Winter said to Beauty over the phone

“ I know! Don’t rub it in my face!” Beauty replied

“ I have told you side chicks like us don’t get the main seat unless we eliminate the one occupying it”

“ Winter, I don’t want to unseat Freeman’s wife, I just want him to make create another seat for me. I don’t mind sharing him” Beauty said

” So why are we having this conversation?” Winter asked angrily

” Because, I want your advise!”

” Well I have given it, but you have chosen not to take it!” Winter replied angrily

” Are you suggesting we kill her!”

” I am suggesting YOU kill her… I am not the one interested in marrying Freeman, You are… if i was in your shoes, we would have been celebrating her second year memorial by now! Babe I am in my third marriage, how do you think I do it!”

” You target a happily married man, kill his wife, marry him, kill him and inherit his money!” Beauty said. Her friend Winter had been married 3 times and the first 2 men had died Mysteriously. Her first husband was in Jamaica, second in Canada, the recent one who was unfortunately under her radar was in Nigeria. She recently eliminated the wife and was waiting for him to die.

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” Winter, teach me what to do? I want to be like you, but not all the way. I don’t want Freeman dead, I just want him and his daughters to be mine!” Beauty said…

To be continued

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Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“Dad is back.” Juanita screamed from the living room.

Juanita was the loud one amongst the trio and she was her father’s gisting partner. She ensured she and her sisters stayed up late till their father returned everyday. Pamilerin had to move their bedtime to 10pm because Juanita was always flouting the 9:15pm bed time…

Pamilerin dropped the knife in her hand. She and Remi were slicing the vegetables for the spaghetti the girls would have for the next day.

” Remi continue” Pamilerin said as she dried her wet hand with the kitchen towel.

” So Henry poked Funsho with a sharp pencil, because Funsho called him a fat ugly elephant” Juanita was obviously recounting what must have happened in her class. Pamilerin shook her head in admiration at her daughter. The two other girls were her replica especially her first daughter. They spoke less. Juanita was a copy of her father. They loved conversations.

” You don’t mean it!” Freeman replied

” I am serious Daddy!”

” So what punishment did the teacher give him?”

” He was told to go to the Naughty corner!”

” Oh nice! That means he would have time to reflect on his bad behaviour”

” Reflect?” Theresa said. Theresa was only 5 years Old, but she was walking Dictionary in the making. Pamilerin saw herself in Theresa. Theresa never allowed new words pass by.

” Yes Theresa! Reflect means to think deeply!” Freeman answered knowing what Theresa wanted

” Ok!” Theresa said satisfactorily but as Juanita was about to continue with her story, Theresa cut in…

” Is it only at the Naughty corner people can reflect?” Theresa asked

” Well, not necessarily, but in some cases, some people need to be pushed into a quiet space without friends before they can deeply reflect!” Freeman replied

” But, it’s not a good thing to be pushed before one can reflect. One should develop the personal responsibility to reflect on one’s actions constantly” The teacher in Pamilerin spoke up.

” Yes… mummy is absolutely right!”

Pamilerin deliberately said those words, She wanted Freeman to reflect on his wrong ways. She knew he had been cheating on her recently, but she didn’t want to bring it up. Pamilerin felt everyone should be responsible for their actions and inactions.

” Even adults sometimes needs to reflect on their lives, that way they see where they are going wrong and this will lead them to correcting their wrongs!” Pamilerin said to the girls but her gaze was on Freeman.

Venita was very smart and a complete replica of Pamilerin. Though she was 10 years old, she acted 30. She could tell from her mother’s words, it was time they excused their parents.

” Juanita!Theresa! it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow is here already” Venita pushed her sisters up the stairs.

” Its not yet 10…” Juanita rebelled

” Juanita, Venita is right!” Freeman said. He had also sensed the hidden words laced in Pamilerin’s words.

” Babe… What is wrong?” Freeman asked after ensuring the girls were no more in sight

” Remi is in the kitchen!” Pamilerin replied

” Remi!” Freeman called

” Yes sir! Welcome sir!” Remi rushed out of the kitchen

” To your room!” Freeman said

” Em …sir… I…” Remi said wanting to explain that she had something frying…

” To your room!” Freeman repeated

Remi ran towards her room. Remi had been living with the couple for 11 years, she came when Pamilerin was pregnant of Venita and though she came in as a maid, she had become more a younger sister to Pamilerin.

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As she walked towards her room, she wondered what was wrong. Instead of entering her room, she stood by the passage to her room hoping to eavesdrop.

” Babe… I ask again, What do I need to reflect on? I know when you are speaking to me indirectly!” Freeman asked. His heart was beating fast, he didn’t know what to expect.

” Who is she?” Pamilerin asked firmly without perambulating.

” Who?” Freeman was caught off guard

” The girl you are cheating on me with?”

” Beauty!” Freeman replied. He knew there was no point lying. Pamilerin was highly calculating and she wasn’t someone who assumed things. Her life quote was “Assumption is the lowest level of understanding”. Therefore, Freeman knew that before his wife could accuse him directly, she most definitely had her facts.

” I am sorry!”

” Are you?”

” Yes… Babe… I am !”

” How long?”

” Two years!”

Pamilerin was shocked and pained. The pain was not because he was cheating but because of how long he had been double faced with her…

” Ok…thank you!” Pamilerin said as she walked away.

” Babe, I am sorry!”

” For what? Exactly what are you sorry for? For cheating on me? Or for being caught”

” Both! I am sorry…You don’t deserve this. I guess I just got carried away by her beauty!” Freeman explained “Babe I am sorry I promise to end it now!”

Freeman brought out his phone. He dailed Beauty’s number. He didn’t save her contact. He already knew it by heart. Pamilerin noticed and that tore her heart more. Pamilerin could deduce the girl in question must have found a place in her husband’s heart for him to have her phone number at the tip of his fingers…

” Hello Beauty!”

” Hey Babe… Strange! You are calling me from home. Something wrong with wifey?” Beauty said

” She knows about us and that means this has to end! Babe… I mean Beauty. It’s over!” Freeman struggled to say

Beauty went silent for a long time, Freeman waited to hear from her. He wanted to hear even it was a word…

” You are joking…You know that right!” Beauty said laughing before ending the call…

” What did she say?” Pamilerin asked

” She said it’s okay!” Freeman lied…

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Instagram @Opeyemi Akintunde and other series on Facebook@ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.



©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

” You don’t say!” Winter said very bewildered

“I can’t believe Freeman would say that to me.” Beauty said in tears


” I can’t believe Freeman would break up with me that easily and sharply because his wife found out about us. He could have denied it!” Beauty continued her tears

” This is not good for you.” Winter said at last after about three minutes of silence

” What?”

” Her knowing about you. When a wife gets to know there is a side chick involved in her marriage, the wife usually goes on the defensive. Depending on who the wife is, some side chicks never live to tell the story.”

” You mean she may want to kill me!”

” Tell me about her, Who is she? Because if she is one of these born again Christians, just know that the relationship is over. She will use prayers and good character to win her husband back. If she is a diabolical person, she will probably turn her husband to a love sick baby. He will totally forget about you and return back to her like a baby or is she a physical person? Is she capable of defending herself by sending assassins against you?” Winter said

” I don’t know much about her.” Beauty replied

” You are dating a woman’s husband and you never bothered to keep tabs on her?” Winter said rolling her eyes.

” We need to know what we are up against so that we can use the right weapon against her.” Winter said

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” Ok!” Beauty said

” Ok? Is that all that you are going to say? You should be worried now. Being a side chick is not for babies. Lesson 101 of being a successful Side Chick- ” Never ever let the wife get a wind of you, be a green snake under the green grass. You lay low and unseen so that when you strike, you strike and kill.”

” But now that she knows, what do we do?” Beauty asked

” We take it a day at a time. First, Let’s find out the kind of wife she is. In the meantime, don’t pick his call anymore! Give them false hope that it is over.”

” Ok!” Beauty said. Everything going on was too much for her. She had hoped to be Freeman’s second wife. She didn’t want any shade of complexity, but everything was beginning to look complicated.


Sleep was faraway from Freeman. He sat at the dining table with his eyes wide opened at 1:40am. The previous day that began as a seemingly nice day had ended badly. He could still smell the harsh smell of the burnt vegetables. They had been so engrossed in their conversation, neither of them perceieved the burnt vegetables. It was Remi who ran out of the room towards the kitchen that snapped them out of their thoughts.

” I am sorry sir, I was trying to tell you I was frying the vegetables…” Remi said in her defense as she ran towards the kitchen.

With that, Pamilerin walked towards her room. Her head was spinning.

” Pamilerin ! Pamilerin!” Freeman called

” Yes!”

” I am sorry!”

” It’s ok, I just have a headache and need to get to bed early.” Pamilerin said

Freeman wasn’t expecting less. He and Pamilerin usually stayed late into the night to discuss about the day and how business went but here was Pamilerin going to bed early.

” Ok!” Freeman replied. He could tell his world was going to crash any moment.

Freeman paced around thinking about Beauty as well. He feared what she might do to herself. When he met Beauty two years earlier, she was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. He was the one who brought her out of that phase. He feared this abrupt breakup could break her completely…


Who is more important? She or your family?” Freeman asked himself

Obviously my family, though I love Beauty, I would never place her welfare above that of my family. She would always be secondary.” Freeman told himself the blunt truth.


Pamilerin had slept off after hours of crying. She expected him to come in and keep apologising but instead he sat in the living room. She believed he was apologising to the other woman…

” How am I going to solve this? How will I get back my paradise?” Pamilerin had asked herself amidst her sobs.

” God, who is this girl, lady or woman? I don’t even know who she is.”

” Keep Calm and know that I am God!” Pamilerin heard those words loud and clear.

Those words comforted her…


” Pay me 2 million and I will eliminate her in three months and guess what you won’t have to move a muscle… I will do all the background checks and I will eliminate her in the best untraceable way.” Winter said

” 1 million” Beauty negotiated

” 1.8 million” Winter replied

” 1.2″ Beauty said

” 1.5 … Babe that’s the lowest I can go, you know what you stand to gain when the woman exits, all that your guy has will automatically become yours. You told me the guy is a cash bag…” Winter was saying but Beauty cut in

” Fine, which account should I transfer the cash to?”

” I will send it to you in a minute.”

” Hold on, so what do I do after sending you the money?” Beauty asked

” Nothing…just avoid him so no one would trace her death to you and go shopping for a beautiful black dress you will be rocking to her funeral soon!”

” Thanks babe…”

” Anything for you darling!”

To be continued…

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