I Once attended A White Garment Church, And This Is Why I Left – Pastor Kumuyi Reveals

I Once attended A White Garment Church, And This Is Why I Left – Pastor Kumuyi Reveals

God’s servant, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi who is the Leader of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in a video on YouTube hours ago, revealed why he left the White-Garment church. According to the video, he revealed this during yesterday’s Easter Sunday Service.

According to Pastor W. F. Kumuyi from the video: “I will like to share with you all how I got to this place. It is all about decision. Not many people know this part of my story but I am led by the spirit to reveal it.

“I remember when I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in the White-Garment church, any day I miss church they will be looking for me because I was their Drummer. I was good at interpreting dreams. So many people in the church were rushing to know the meaning of their dreams. We usually fast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I thought we were at the top of religion. But I was not saved.

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“One day I heard that if one is not born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. At first I felt so cool with our way of service where the preacher will just preach and leave. No jumping and the rest, the place was so cool. I will just be drumming during service because I felt something comes upon me.

“Until I came to this other side and I finally gave my life to Christ, I felt so clean from the inside. Then I made up my mind not to go back to that other place again. The man that follows me to the White-Garment church started keeping malice with me. I lost many friends, many connections and many things. The family was very powerful I most confess but none of that could stop me because my heart was fixed.

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“I will abandon our usual family meeting for our retreat here. My drumming mates came to me and said what’s the matter. I told them I have received something I never got before, it’s called Salvation. More than 50 years now gone, I am still there.

“They gave my mother prophecies of what will happen to me if I don’t show up. And my mother will cry to me. Today some of them have come to this other side as I speak. Thank God my mother gave her to Christ after all these dramas. There was no follow up when I gave my life to Christ. I traveled from far for church services and returned in the night. Once your heart is fixed, noting can stop you. Let His resurrection motivate you today to take a decision and follow Him”.

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