Opinion — What Is The Meaning Of These Signs The Pope Usually Make In Public? (Photos)

Pope Francis allegedly caused stir on social media after pictures of him performing some Satanic signs surfaced on the internet. Many people are saying that it is obvious that the pope is either promoting Satanism or he belongs to them. They noted that the signs he now displays in public are the same sign and symbol the Satanists display in public. A Twitter user wrote, “No lies detected, the Pope is a devil worshipper”. This is not the first time that people will be accusing the pope of such a thing. Some Few years ago, the Watchtower magazine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses published an article where the lay side by side “evidences” from which they concluded that the pope is not a true Christian and, subsequently, that the Roman Catholic Church is not a true religion. In fact, they labelled the church as Babylon mystery religion and the pope as the leader of this Babylon mystery religion. Could this be true?

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Internet users are now sharing these pictures over and over again, making the pictures go viral on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. However, the Roman Catholic Church members are attacking those who are sharing the pictures, declaring that there is no amount of propaganda from the enemies of the mother church can bring it down. They noted that the Roman Catholic Church is the only church founded by Jesus Christ who gave the keys to apostle Peter, disclosing that the pope is a direct successor of Peter and the lines of the apostles. The pope as the head of the Catholic Church is always a public figure, and whatever he does is usually interpreted with spiritual connotations. In another picture, the pope could also be seen performing the signs with another cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. The pope is infallible according to the Catholic Church doctrine, so whatever he does is free from errors, and as one who is rightly guided, he cannot sin. As the pope keeps performing this signs in public, some Roman Catholic Church members will surely imitate him and follow suit. This is the fear of many critics. 

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