Parents Should Stop Naming Their Children These Biblical Names

Parents Should Stop Naming Their Children These Biblical Names
Parents Should Stop Naming Their Children These Biblical Names

List of Biblical names parents should stop naming their children

When naming a child, it’s best to steer clear of some Biblical names. This is due to the fact that they symbolise something bad. Most parents today pick names for their children based on popularity rather than meaning. The meanings of some biblical names are shown here.


Devastation is the meaning of this Hebrew baby boy’s name. According to the New Testament of the Bible, Abaddon is the leader of a horde of enormous locusts.

2 Birsha.

Evil child is the literal translation of this term. It is more common to give this name to a male. Birsha was king of Gomorrah, another city along with Sodom that God destroyed in the book of Genesis.

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3. Balam.

Balam is a name that means “the possessor” in Arabic.

Balam, a demonic figure in the Bible, was notorious for inciting violence and revolt against Christians.

4. Judas.

It’s a cruel traitor. According to the Bible, Judas was the one who betrayed Jesus.

5. Jezebel ranks as our fifth most popular witch.

According to the Bible, the most vile and immoral woman ever lived was named Jezebel. She popularised Baalaism, the religion of the Tyrian gods.

6. Amnon.

Name given to a baby boy in Hebrew. The Bible says that Amnon, David’s son, was cursed because he raped his sister, Tamar.

Parents Should Stop Naming Their Children These Biblical Names

7 – Belial.

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False or useless; that’s what the word Belial denotes.

According to the Bible, Balial and other fallen angels were seen by the disciples of Jesus when Michael was commanded to show Hell to them in the book of Revelation.

8. Akeldama is number.

There is no doubt that this is a feminine name. The location was the spot where Judas Iscariot received the 30 pieces of silver he had been promised for his role in Jesus Christ’s betrayal.

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