Pastor Faith Oyedepo has revealed what a church is, and how it should look like

So many people have their own private thoughts on what a church is or how it should look like. I bet if you take a poll on any street, you would get lots of ideas.

Faith Oyedepo has revealed what a church is, and how it should look like. She said that a church is your spiritual home, and she painted a picture of the church being a place where people of the household of faith come together to charge themselves in the word of God.

So, how is the church a spiritual home? The Bible always uses words like “household” and “family” to describe the church and the people of God, so I guess that’s why the church is a spiritual home. You see, a house is different from a home. A home is the family people that you love, while a house is just the building these people live under. It’s also the same with the church. The people who make up the church, your spiritual brothers and sisters, are what make the church a spiritual home.

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Now, what should the church look like? If you feel down, you should return to full charge when you come to church. That’s what Mrs. Oyedepo means by the phrase “charging yourselves in the word of God”. The scriptures say that faith comes by hearing the word of God. When you hear the word of God in church, you are supposed to receive encouragement, direction and strength to go through whatever it is you might be dealing with.

Also, you enjoy communion with God and the members of your family. Communion means the joining together of minds and spirits, and this is exactly what you get in the ideal church. By your conversations with people, you join minds and spirits with them, and by the prayers and the words, which are a form of conversations with God, you join minds and spirits with God. Can you imagine the awesome privilege?!

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