Pastor Shina Ayomi Has Advised People To Stop Saying “Heaven Help Those Who Help Themselves” – See Why

Pastor Shina Ayomi has advised people to stop saying heaven helps those who help themselves because it is wrong. According to Psalm 121, when God helps you; you will be made by Him. It is the help of God that makes men whatever they are, the maker of any man is the help of God. According to 1st Corinthians 10:15. It’s the help of God that makes us great, God can never be helpless and He’s ever ready to help us. 

He then said that the help of God is above all because whatever is from above is superior to any other one. If a man is helping you, where the strength of that man stops, that is where you stop.

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Speaking further, he said that it is the help of God that makes you a marvel to your world, when people look at you, they are surprised but nothing changes a man’s story like the help of God. There is a common saying that is not scriptural but we say it which is, “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” 

According to him, that is not correct because God helps those who cannot help themselves, God can only help the helpless, if you can help yourself then you don’t need God. 

So never say Heaven help those who help themselves instead say, ‘Heaven helps those who cannot help themselves,’ because if you can help yourself God is not involved.

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