“People who call themselves ‘GOAT’ have no place in the kingdom of God” – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals Why

Founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has taken to social media to address people who call themselves the greatest of all time (GOAT).

Mike Bamiloye Condemns ‘GOAT’ Who Are Christians

Bamiloye explained that GOAT means stubborn, headstrong, disobedient and an unbelieving people in the Bible while sheep symbolises the children of God.

He wondered why people choose to identify as goats, asking “Don’t you see the spirit of the GOAT is already possessing you?”

The clergyman noted that when you call yourself a “GOAT”, you become possessed by the spirit of a goat and that’s why you leave your hair uncombed, have it dyed in different colours or walk as though you’re wearing shoulder pads.

He declared that a Christian is not a “GOAT” but a “SHEEP of GOD”, while emphasizing that “GOAT People” have no place in the house of God.

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Bamiloye wrote, “BRO REUBEN, ARE YOU A GOAT? Bro Rueben!

“Because you are so gifted in Music. Because you have been so blessed with compositions of Healing Music.
Because you are sought by many people. Because you are now so famous and widely known everywhere!


“In the Bible, the GOAT is a symbol of the Stubborn, Headstrong, disobedient and Unbelieving people.

“While the SHEEP symbolizes the Godly, Believing Children of God!

“That is why Jesus said He will separate the SHEEP from the GOAT and cast the stubborn unbelieving People away from Him into everlasting Fire.

“NOW, because the Music of Bro Reuben has become so popular and he is now been invited from place to place, HE SAID HE IS NOW A GOAT!

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“I said Ah! Bro Reuben! Because you are now a GOAT, Is that why you now change your name to Rubby Kumba?

“Your streaming strength has now grown to 1.2m streams and you are now beginning to to put Colors on your hair small small!
Last month, It was a small yellow spot on your head above your left ear.

“But this week, The left side of your head has a small spot colored with red! IS THIS HOW GOATS BEHAVE?

“I said, Ah! Brother Reuben, What is the Meaning of GOAT? You said, Ah, GOAT has a good meaning! You said, it means:


“And I said, No! It is the Devil that has changed the meaning for you! It means Stubborn, Unbelieving and unrepentant, headstrong fellow.

“Bro Rueben, Dont you see that the Spirit of the GOAT is already possessing you?

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“You that was very humble and respectful in the Church, and God was helping you gradually to establish your ministry, Now, you are beginning to leave your hair without combing it.

“You are beginning to walk like a limping man. You are beginning to walk with your shoulders raised up like the PrayingMantis arms. Your jean trousers is beginning to tear small small. BRO REUBEN!

“You are not a GOAT! YOU ARE A SHEEP of GOD! You are not the Greatest of ALL Times,
THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! A Goat People has no place in the Kingdom of God!


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