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The same way the Grace and anointing is available in the realm. That’s the same way a door is open to every individual to enter into any possibility of his choice for a generation.

The key is what we call alignment . When we talk about alignment we are talking about death to the yeanings of the soul. We are talking about absolute submission to the Government of the Holy spirit that is in the inside.

There are many believers today whom without dwelt have the Holy spirit but the problem is that the holy ghost have no authority over there lives. There a difference between anointing and authority.

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Death is the key to spiritual authority. Listen you have authority, you are seated with Christ yet you can not exercise that Authority until the soul comes fully understand the government of the Holy spirit.

Jesus is the creator of power.
When he came to his earth, Jesus was life,he was light,he is God and the Creator of power.

The reason you will remain ordinary. Even though an Angel of the Lord appeared to you. Is because you defiled the ordinance of Alignment.

Of you don’t know your ordination you can not have impact,if don’t know your authority in the spirit you can not have impact. But The fullness of Encounter is sustained by the quality of your alignment. Even Jesus learnt the way of death.

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The only way you can enter into the corridors of power is when you died to the tendencies of the flesh.

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