These Are One Of The Things Some Believers Do That Gives The Devil Room To Attack Them – Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals

Bishop David Oyedepo revealed one trap christians fall into that gives the devil opportunity to attack them.

During his sermon at the Covenant Hour of Prayer meeting today, he said that we give the devil a chance to attack when we murmur and complain constantly.

He said that rather than complain and murmur about the situation you find yourself in, give thanks because thanksgiving is the only way out. Jesus, for example, when faced with the challenge of feeding 5,000 men, did not murmur and complain. 

He gave thanks for the little he had, and it was multiplied.

He shared that he never complained once when he was earning only three hundred naira a month during the early days of his ministry, in spite of the fact that he had a family to support and a ministry to run.

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“You every time you say something has finished. The word finished is so close to your mouth,” he said.

He narrated how one of his daughters in the Lord called him one day to complain because of the challenges she was going through. During the call, she said she was brokenhearted. 

Immediately, he told her not to say that, because she was not brokenhearted, and she shouldn’t use her words to give the devil a room in her life.

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