This Is Why The Children Of Most Successful Big Men Don’t Succeed In Life – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre spoke to his members on Financial Wisdom: From Financial Struggle To Financial Stardom (3) at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, First service, 3rd July 2022.

In his eighth point, he advised that you ensure a demarcation between business capital and expendable income. If your business cannot give you the kind of house your mates are living in, start with a small house, start with a small car. If your business cannot pay for a 4-bedroom flat, pay for 1 room self-contain for today. You delay the gratification of today to maximize tomorrow’s satisfaction.

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He said that some people are living in a duplex, and they have no business living in that duplex. “Mind you, I came from a good background also, I grew up living in a story building. 

The story building of my father is over 50 years, same with my wife but we have to kill that class and start from the beginning because your father’s result is not your result,” he said.

According to him, that is why some children of the so-called big people don’t succeed in life, their head is spoiled with looking after what they know to belong to their father until they are rendered useless. 

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He then said, “Check this country, their children are wasted. Can I ask you a question? Some of the significant people and names you have heard in this country, less than 1 per cent of them, you will still hear the name of their children, do a check.”

Finally, he claimed that they didn’t know where the money came from, so they don’t know how to sustain it. If you will be able to sustain it, you should be able to know how it arrived. Accept your status for now, so that you can establish a future for yourself.

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