When I used to fly public planes, whoever sits next to me, this is what i do to them” – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

One of my mentors called me one late evening, can you meet me in Makurdi tomorrow? Not in my plan but I said “Yes Sir”. I got there and He said, “so you came, kneel. I impart to you the gift of ‘on time’ from today before the need arises, the supply will already be waiting”. He had no assignment for me in Makurdi, my obedience was under test. Every instruction is a test. Every instruction from scriptures, every instruction from the prophet sent to you is a test for your change of position.

From that time till tomorrow, that was March 1990 I have had zero stress in embarking on anything God says. Now we are writing a test. You might not know because you can’t see the invigilator. What Is Papa saying? I am a man of myself. Okay! when you fail the test you will know. Someone else here today will access a sworn blessing by raw obedience to God in season and out of season.

I was out on a mission trip and I had some blessings with me and the Lord led me to sow them as a seed to one of my fathers in the Lord so I just put it in his hand right away. He said “stretch forth your hand” and I did, he put it back in my hand “from today, this hand will never know lack”. From 1987, I have not wanted Forex, I have not asked for Forex from any bank to go on any trip. This hand. You think those prophets need what you are carrying? No! He can give you a test to give to that young man in need and you say No.

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He will send somebody immediately to go and take your place. I met a woman here with her children on the field and I just felt led to get them a house, I didn’t know them before. They got the house and took them to it and she said a member here had got them a house and furnished it. I just thought to get them a house, somebody else had furnished a house for them so they didn’t need the house I got. So you think you are doing anybody a favour? Every instruction is a test for your change of class. Some are just roaming about the same point, year in, year out for how long?.

So bring one soul, you say because of the nature of my job and my status. So if you can’t be found on the street, you can’t be found on the prayer altar. There are people working under you that if you just say “I will like you to be in my Church on Sunday, God is out to settle every unsettled area of our lives, they will come. You are taking advantage of your being a boss to get that person out of darkness into light. It is because your heart is not there. When I used to fly public planes, whoever sits next to me, I must talk to them. “Excuse me, have you ever been to Church before? Let me tell you something”. There is always something to tell about Jesus, it is too sweet.

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