Why It Is Wrong To Pray To God For Land, Car, And The Likes – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

Bishop Oyedepo has delivered a message in respect of those that pray such prayers. In his words, as shared by Church Gist, the cleric has revealed that those who pray for land, a house and a car are deceiving themselves, they are chasing shadows.

As stressed by the cleric, believers must not waste their valuable time before God praying for blessings. In his words, he has shared that instead of praying for blessings they should rather be praying for grace for sustainable obedience.

The cleric has also implored that they look very deep into their life and check out what they are not doing right, and those things they are not engaging with that have made them in their present position. 

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God does not respect persons to bless them anyhow, you would merit what you are given hence, we must follow the scriptures by praying for the endowment of the spirit of obedience than crying for blessings. This the book of Matthew 6:33 has completed that seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and every other thing shall be added to it.

Once you start to obey the things of God, what you pray for in respect of blessings and affluence shall automatically be added to you.

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