Christian Youth In the North React To Ortom’s Apology

Christian Youth In the North React To Ortom's Apology
Christian Youth In the North React To Ortom's Apology

Christian Youth React to Ortom’s Apology in the North

According to the Northern Christian Youths Forum, Governor Samuel Ortom’s apology is an example of what a real Christian should be like—one who is willing to forgive and beg for pardon.

Philip Dogara, the president of the Northern Christian Youths Forum, pleaded with people who were wounded by the governor’s remarks to accept his apologies.

“We welcome the news that Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has apologized to Fulanis and Nigerians as a whole for claiming he won’t support a Fulani man as the country’s next president with unbridled joy,” the statement adds.

“We commend Governor Ortom for tendering that apology without compulsion and blackmail by people who usually take advantage of such utterances to cause mischief and amplify tensions among the people.

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“Governor Ortom has shown that he is a true Christian as it takes one who emulates Christ and is enmeshed in the teachings of the church to apology for real or perceived wrong done to others and their emotions.

Christian Youth In the North React To Ortom’s Apology

“The Governor’s apology has also opened a vista of a cordial relationship between him and those who felt aggrieved by the comments on one hand, and Fulanis and his people of Benue on the other hand.

“The Northern Christian Youths Forum, NCYF therefore calls for caution from those who may have made unguarded utterances or through their actions or inaction irked Governor Ortom into making the said comment that obviously hurt many.

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“The group wants those whose feelings were hurt by the initial statement to also accept the apology in good fate because only true forgiveness is capable of engendering peace and unity.

The NCYF urges political and religious leaders to take a lesson from Samuel Ortom since it simply takes a modest, powerful person to apologize for statements they make or actions they take that are unpopular with others.

In order to sustain national peace and togetherness, Governor Ortom is urged to continue calling for justice, equity, and fairness in all areas affecting Nigerians.

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