Factors Contributing To Prayer Effectiveness – Becky Enenche

Factors Contributing To Prayer Effectiveness - Becky Enenche
Factors Contributing To Prayer Effectiveness - Becky Enenche

Factors That Influence Prayer Effectiveness – Becky Enenche

Becky Enenche, the wife of Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, the Founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, shared a message with the public in a recent Facebook post.

“Confess your mistakes to one another, and pray for one another, so you may be cured,” she continued. A good man’s ardent prayer is very effective. James 5:16

If you live in praise or gratitude, you are in God’s presence, and His presence assures that your prayers will be answered.

It is vital to recognize that the outcome of prayer, rather than the activity itself, is what is most important. The outcomes of prayer are more important than the act of praying itself. As a result, praying in vain is meaningless; it is being religious but accomplishing nothing.

Factors Contributing To Prayer Effectiveness – Becky Enenche

Determining the elements that increase prayer’s effectiveness is essential. 

1. Gratitude-filled prayer (Psalm 100:4, John 6:11). 

Living in thanksgiving and praise puts you in God’s presence, and His Presence ensures that prayers will be answered.

2. fervently praying

praying ardently or passionately, not merely for the purpose of praying but with fire in it, like Elijah did in his prayer (James 5:16-17). There are many people who pray regularly, but there are only a select few who pray fervently. 

3. Praying with the guidance of the Bible 

(30:29 in Deuteronomy). praying with wisdom; not merely speaking to God in a sentimental way, but in a revelational way. God is unable to contradict Himself or His Word. Because of this, praying with revelation has an impact. 

4. Earnest prayer

Praying courageously, not just hoping that it will happen, Elijah was a role model for faith, and his request was granted (James 5:16–17).

5. Using prophesies and visions in prayer

We are returning to God the word that He has given us (Daniel 9:3–19).

6. Spirit-guided prayer

It has a powerful impact when prayed in the Spirit’s language (Romans 8:26).

In the name of Jesus, I see answers coming to you as you act on these things while in a prayer area.

Thank you, Lord, for Your kindness and constancy. In Jesus’ name, we receive the grace to pray passionately so that we may see dramatic manifestations.

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