“I Refused to Send my Children to University Where They Don’t Speak in Tongues” – Bishop David Oyedepo Advises Parents

How a Man Gave Us Land Easily After Refusing to Sell the Land at First-Oyedepo
How a Man Gave Us Land Easily After Refusing to Sell the Land at First-Oyedepo

Upcoming parents, young people who just got married, take early responsibility, train up a child not give a child money. Proverbs 22:6. Train up, don’t assume. Anyone being caused any form of heartache by any of their children, today is declared your day of deliverance. 

One of the graduates of Covenant University was with me. We had Eagles Summit some time back and then this Ministers Summit so he came. The year he was to step into the university, the father died and so the mother said “now there is no father, the only one I know that can help this child find his bearing in life is the Bishop, so you go to Covenant”. Where will you get the money? 

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She said I will look for it. Very fine young man today, breaking forth in all areas. I don’t care what education you give your child, if you don’t connect your child to Jesus, God have mercy. 

Connect your son and your daughter to Jesus, education is nonsense without salvation. Why put your child in a primary school outside the country? Will the teachers give the child the training, the parents are supposed to give? I vowed never to let any of our children go to a school that is not Holy Ghost-driven, not just church. 

You were in the University of Tennessee, I said do they speak in tongues there? No! You move out. If you don’t take it seriously you lose out. I got saved at 15, it is speaking right now. There is no amendment there, I have people around me who are paying heavy costs for not taking responsibility. 

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Even while they are in secondary school, you can’t correct them you now say they should go somewhere. What a life. You say come do this thing and they say “I am thinking about it”. You are thinking about it and you will eat in this house? Genesis 18:19. I know Abraham that he will command all his children, he won’t pet them. I decree every family here blessed with irreversible blessings

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