“This is The Reason Why The Enemy Has Stopped A Lot of Believers” – Bishop Wisdom Irabor

Bishop Wisdom Irabor while preachingadvised the congregattion why they should always move in the direction of tour skill, talent, passion and training!

He said, “You can’t be gifted and be frustrated! Proverb 17:8. Behind every lifting is the gifting of man! There is a gift, talent, training and passion in you! Move in the direction of your gift! Proverb 18:16. That your gift and skill, don’t bury it! Take steps along that line!

The reason why the enemies stop you is because you always love doing what is not in line with what you love! You know why you need encouragement? You are always acting contrary to your gift, training, passion and Calling! If you need everyday encouragement, you are on the wrong path! 

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If you are in the right job, when it is time to do it, a Supernatural strength and energy will hit you! I still got home at 9pm and began to prepare for this Message that I am delivering today! By 4 am, I woke up to prepare for the Second Service! I don’t need any encouragement!

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