Why I Ran Away From My Village For 13 Years – Pastor E.A. Adeboye Reveals Shocking Story

Pastor Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God told his members a story of how he ran away from his village for 13 Years and didn’t return until he met Jesus.

According to NDEPO TV, he said that some time ago, there was a misunderstanding between his father and other members of the family over the issue of which party to belong to and the people in the family threatened to kill him. He said that when his father came home to tell them what transpired at the meeting, he ran away from home for 13 years till he met the Lord Jesus Christ.

While in exile, it occurred to him that if the village people claimed they had charms to kill him, there could be superior charms elsewhere. Somebody took him to a village, somewhere not too far from Akure, Ondo state. They took him to the head herbalist there and he told him he wanted to be fortified so that nobody would be able to harm me.

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“No problem, I will fortify you!” the herbalist said and be listed the requirements and told him the total cost. That was not a problem because he had the money to pay. He performed all kinds of rituals and kept on insisting he will come back and get more. Then one day, the juju man looked at him and asked, “What is the name of that your town where they say you shouldn’t go back to?” The herbalist shouted immediately he heard the name of the town and said, “If they ask you not to come, don’t go”.

He then asked him the reason for that statement and he explained that his father was the chief herbalist in their village, his grandfather was the chief herbalist before him and he inherited everything from them. When his father was taught everything he knew, he sent him to pastor Adeboye’s village to get more powers.

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The herbalist further explained that whenever he was visiting their village before he got to the outskirts, he would go into the bush to bury everything, and then when he is going back, he would go back into the bush to pick it up. Any power you take into that village will turn to water as soon as you enter. The man of God revealed that he was surprised to hear all that because he thought he had been fortified. He said that If you put your trust in the devil, not only will you die but you will die miserably.

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Finally, he said that for a long time, he kept running from home until he met Jesus. When he did, his flight from home stopped. ‘Praise God that the forces of darkness that hitherto put me to flight now take to their heels when they see me because I now carry the Lord inside of me.” he said.

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