Why Most Christian Have Not Become What God Wants Them To Become – Pastor Paul Enenche reveals

Pastor Paul Enenche spoke at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘Secrets Of Financial Blessing Overflow.’

According to Church Gist, the man of God revealed that Uzziah was not too big to identify with God and submit to His priest when he became king. There are people who can still come to church when they are a bit little; this man exploded in prosperity because he decided that he will continue seeking God. God was first and as long as he sought the Lord, he prospered.

He further revealed that somebody came to his office the other day and said he came in contact with a man who sits on top of billions, both himself and what he does. Just in your mind, imagine the king of a nation that sits on vast resources, that is the level of that person and the person actually sits on that level of realm. As they were talking, the brother who is a member of the Church said that he told them man some things that his pastor said. The man then replied him and said, “Really? you have a pastor and you are serious with pastor, that is very important.”

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The man then brought his head and said, “see my head, touch it, see oil. My priest anoint my head daily, on a continuous basis. I don’t survive without oil on my head.” So the man ran to the man of God and said, “I have just received instruction; if a person of this volume, bigger than presidents of nations, who is also sitting on top of vast everything can still value his prophet and pastor at that level, then he hasn’t started yet. I want to take my prophetic cover more seriously.”

According to the man of God, it was not the pastor who was teaching him. It was a man who knew God, knows God and God position him. Uzziah sought God, that is, you are loaded and you are still in the prayer band. You are financially heavy and you are on the road every week for evangelism.

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Finally, he said that that is why most Christians have not been able to become what God wants them to become. Because they are struggling to make it the way the unbelievers are struggling. The unbelievers have to follow that route. Jehovah has His route and pathway; pathway that has been proven in scripture.

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