Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals What He Always Say To People Who Bring Their Music Album For Him To Listen And Review For Them

According to Pastor Paul Enenche while speaking on Love Is Looking Out For And Celebrating The Best In Others. Not Looking Out For And Magnifying The Worst In Others he said “People have sent me music albums for me to listen to and then review it for them. 

While speaking further he said “I’ve listened to some of them, and no matter how horrible the sound may be, I will always encourage the person by letting them know that they have made a great effort, because not everybody can put a song together or even do any recording at all.

Speaking further he then said “By the time I finish encouraging them, I can now say, tighten up the instrumentation a bit, not in a negative or derogatory sense. But in a way whereby they will feel alive and would want to give another trial.

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