There Are Some People Who Wear Long Dresses And No Jewelry, Yet This Is What They Fail To Do To Their Heart – Pastor Kumuyi Reveals

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members about “Permanently Abandoning Ensnaring Traditions And Embracing Truth” at their Tuesday Leadership Development Message. He sends an important message to them on why they should focus more on their internal righteousness.

He said that there are people who watch over external dressing, whether you use jewelry or not, whether you wear long garments or not, insisting on the length of ladies’ dresses, and not watching over the anger and jealousy in the heart, not watching over the internal righteousness and holiness which God expects. 

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He said that such people have become like the Pharisees. We are so serious and strict on what does not matter in getting to heaven and loose and careless on things which matter in getting to heaven.

According to him, this is why Christ asked the Pharisees why they transgressed the commandments of God by their traditions. 

So, Jesus who is full of love, who is lowly and gentle, knows everything in the heart of everyone that will not allow them to get to heaven and also hinder others to make heaven because they were the leaders of the day. 

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He was very strong against them because while they were presenting themselves as helping the people to make heaven, they were actually blocking them from getting there. So He pronounced woes upon them.

Jesus said they appeared righteous to men but they are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. This is what we need to check up in our own personal experiences. Many people try to maintain the outward form and format of Deeper Life Bible Church. 

They are very strict on that, while neglecting the internal. No time to pray or examine the heart, no time to check their readiness for the coming of the Lord. 

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No time to check if they are watching over the prophecies of the word of God, or to check if they have in them the heart to obey the Lord all the time, they are just serious about the external things.

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