What Can I Do to Avoid Procrastinating?

How Can I Avoid Putting Things Off Any Longer?

A regrettable outcome of putting things off is described in the Bible. In it, it says, “He who is watching the wind will not sow seed; and he who is staring at the clouds will not reap.” From Ecclesiastes 11:4.

Think about what could be causing you to procrastinate and what you can do about it.

Taking on this challenge feels impossible.

It’s human nature to put off dealing with unpleasant or difficult jobs. I have some better suggestions for you.

Divide the work into manageable chunks.

A young lady called Melissa explains, “Even though I know that I’m extremely behind, I attempt to catch up by doing one item at a time.”

Now is the time to start.

As soon as you are given an assignment, get started on it in any way possible. Even if it’s only writing it down on a to-do list or making a quick note of a few thoughts, get something down before you forget them.


If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

Your family and educators have probably dealt with something similar. Why not take use of their wisdom? It’s possible that they’ll aid you in arranging your thoughts and formulating a strategy.

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Advice “Set up a routine. You need to be well-organized and disciplined to see it through, but the payoff is worth it: you complete all tasks at the appropriate times. ​—Abbey.

The lack of drive is frustrating.

Tasks that need your undivided attention frequently include the same things that you find most tedious. So, what can you do if you find that you really don’t care about the task at hand? Here’s what you can try.

Find an advantage to starting early.

Think on how good it will feel to do the task. A young lady called Amy had this to say about being on time or even ahead of schedule: “I enjoy the sensation I get after I’ve done something and can finally rest.”

Remember the repercussions you will face. Putting off action increases your anxiety and lowers your odds of achievement. “You will harvest what you plant,” the Bible warns. —Galatians 6:7, The Message Bible.

You should bring the deadline closer in your thoughts. Alicia, a teenage girl, adds, “It helps me to believe that a project is due one or two days before the actual deadline.” “That way, I’ll have a couple of extra days to double-check everything,” he said.

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Tip This is a mental game. Promise yourself that you will complete all necessary tasks and that nothing will stand in your way. When I tell myself that, good things start to happen. ​—Alexis.

There isn’t enough time for you now.

A young man called Nathan feels his label as a procrastinator is unjust and adds, “People often call me a procrastinator, but it’s unfair! To which I reply, “They have no idea how busy I am!” Try these suggestions if you can relate to Nathan’s situation.

It’s best to start with the less difficult things.

A young lady called Amber explains, “I was taught that if a work took less than five minutes to do, you should do it right immediately.” Things like tidying up, drying clothing on a clothesline, doing the dishes, and picking up the phone count as examples.

Make a list.

“Make sure of the more vital things,” it says in the Bible. (Phil. 1:10 ESV) What does that mean for your day-to-day activities? A young lady called Anna boasts, “I keep a list of all the assignments I have and a record of when they are due.” “But most importantly, I indicate when I aim to work on and finish each job.”

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Would you call that limiting? To the contrary! It’s true that when you create a timetable, you become master of your time rather than a slave to it. In turn, that eases your mental burden. A young lady called Kelly has found that “having a plan” helps her relax and get perspective.

Try to get rid of everything that may potentially be a distraction. Jennifer adds, “I make sure everyone in the home is aware of when I’m beginning my endeavor.” Before I begin, I’d want to know if there’s anything special they’d like me to do. My phone and e-mail alerts are also muted.

A word of advice: “Whatever it is you’re required to do won’t go away until you do it.” Put an end to the stress by finishing the task at hand. The remainder of the day will be easy for you to take it easy. ​—Jordan.

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