China’s Religious Persecution: “We Could Hear Their Screaming”

Genocide against Christians in China: “We Could Hear Their Screaming”

Some of the millions of Uyghurs who have been incarcerated in at least 1200 Chinese concentration camps, as shown by mug photographs seized from Chinese police files. Their misdeeds? They may have overseas relations or foolishly applied for a passport. It’s possible that they had more than three kids. Perhaps they’re labeled as “untrustworthy” or are seen to be too religious. The western Chinese region of Xinjiang has been experiencing this for years, and the international community has done nothing to stop it.

Torture and gang rapes in China

Chinese authorities arrested Uyghur Tursunay Ziyawundun for traveling to see her relatives in neighboring Kazakhstan. Our cell was four square meters, and there were over twenty of us,” she said. And the restroom facilities consisted of a single pail. Some persons, particularly young females, would be taken out at night for questioning. And the sound of their cries reached our ears. Some of the female students would have severe bleeding. In one case, a lady was bitten all over. Sadly, the bleeding often proved fatal.

Prison officers gang raped Tursunay and shocked her genitalia as a form of torture. Other inmates are subjected to indoctrination, slavery, and sterilization. Inmates are often murdered for their organs.

A thorough check of all inmates’ internal organs was performed. Tursunay said that some test takers were “placed on a bus and brought somewhere” following the exam.

The Xinjiang Utopia: Totalitarian Control and Constant Monitoring

Those who aren’t incarcerated face a dystopian reality of continual monitoring. A QR code at the front door of every house lets the authorities know who lives there, and a mandatory app on all residents’ phones keeps track of their every move.

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The Chinese police have an app that informs them all they need to know about a suspect, down to their blood type and power use habits. The software prompts the officer with questions such “was the subject’s response to your questioning normal?” and “does the subject warrant additional investigation?”

Faiths of Every Kind Are Under Attack

China is using all available means in its campaign against religion. It’s open to people of all religions. The existence of anything that may pose a threat to the communist regime.

Beijing is also responsible for the mass incarceration of members of the Buddhist group Falun Gong and the Christian house church movement.

Sam Brownback, who served under President Trump as the envoy for international religious freedom, claimed, “Christians are arrested. They are locking up pastors. When this happens, whole churches must hide. The Uyghurs have a camera for every other individual, even if they’re not in a concentration camp. In the larger cities, you may find a police station or some other form of way station every 50 yards. Each individual is carefully monitored. Each and every one of us has had our DNA sampled. You and your family will be singled out if you are a devout Muslim, thanks to their face recognition technologies.

As part of China’s campaign to eradicate the Uyghur people, the slogan “Break Their Lineage, Break Their Roots” has become more commonplace.

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Beijing’s official policy against the Uyghur people is summarized by the slogan “Break Their Lineage, Break Their Roots,” and it includes the use of coercive measures like sterilization and marriage to eradicate the Uyghurs as a people and a culture.

the East Turkistani government’s exiled prime minister. Salih Hudayar, a resident of what China now calls Xinjiang, claims that the Chinese government intends to “breed us out” by reducing the population and forcing ethnic Han Chinese to migrate elsewhere. To this end, they are coercing young Uyghur women into marriage with Han Chinese males. And if you say no, they’ll put you and your whole family in a concentration camp.

Chen Quanguo, a member of China’s ruling Politburo, is responsible for this persecution. He was previously responsible for suppressing the Tibetan rebellion and was then sent to Xinjiang to implement a plan to eradicate Uyghur culture. Up to the close of last year, he was in charge of that region.

“He designed it,” we were told. Brownback describes him as a “enforcer,” adding that the Trump administration sanctioned him. He planned and executed the destruction of the Buddhist system in Tibet and was inspired to accomplish the same thing among the Muslim Uighurs.

They’ve obviously given this a lot of thought. Religion is a source of terror for them,” Brownback said.

Chinese Communist Party Members Storm Uyghur Homes to Force Residents to “Marriage Up”

More than a million Chinese party members have been sent to live with Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities as part of the government’s “Pair Up and Become Family” program, where they spend weeks as uninvited guests, monitor the hosts’ behavior, sometimes even sleep with them, and try to convert them to communism.

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In the meanwhile, those who have been oppressed by China believe they have been forgotten by the international community.

“Everyone on Earth is aware of the situation yet is doing nothing to fix it.”

Even though the UN’s own Genocide Convention defines “genocide” as what China is doing to the Uyghurs, the word was left out of a highly anticipated UN report on China’s persecution in Xinjiang. Prime Minister Hudayar believes China used undue influence on the United Nations.

The Chinese government has denied the claims made by the White House that Vice President Joe Biden brought up the genocide and slavery of Uyghur Muslims in a recent phone chat with Chinese leader Xi Jingping.

Sanctions imposed by the United States and other Western countries have also been ineffective.

You might look at that and say, ‘Look, I’m a Christian,'” Brownback said. I don’t think it applies to me at all. Of course it applies to you, as soon as they target one religious group, they go on to the next.

Brownback further, saying, “The target is people of religion, the conflict is China’s war on faith, and it’s all faiths.”

“The American administration understands precisely what China is doing to the Uyghurs,” said Tursunay Ziyawundun. The whole globe is aware of the situation.

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