These Are The Two Aspects Of Your Life That You Must Not Joke With – Apostle Selman Reveals

The founder Eternity Network International, Apostle Joshua Selman, spoke about two parts of your life that should not take lightly. He claimed that everyone who made their aspirations come true did so by first awakening. To perfect two facets of your life—your gift and your mind—you must receive grace from God.

He asserts that in order to develop, you must refine both your gift and your mind. If you only refine your gift without also refining your mind, you will still experience frustration. When it comes to excelling in life, the mind plays a crucial role. As a result, more than just spiritual factors are required.

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According to Philippians 2:5, the Bible, many people desire the power of God but they disregard his belief system. You need not only the power of Jesus; you also need the mind of Christ. Our belief systems determine whether we succeed or fail, and our mindsets are mostly shaped by our culture, our experiences in the past, our failures, our relationships, and our level of exposure.

He added that the mind is the most crucial element in terms of being great. You are changed by having your mind renewed since you are both what you think and what comes from your mind. He continued, “There is no dull father of faith that I know, and he is creating a global influence, it is more than preaching,” claiming that this is a common theme among all the fathers of faith in this country.

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There are people who will eat from the food of your greatness, which is why you must refine your mind and gifts. Many of us are unaware that people’s destiny is connected to your rising and greatness. Therefore, adopt a Christ-centered perspective since nothing will appear insurmountable when you do.

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