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How Not To Burn Out As A Music Minister By Tommy Tush

Have you not seen people who were once on fire and had intense passion doing music who today seem to live under ice?

Have you not seen those who had such great music dreams and skills a few years back who today don’t even know if Travis Greene is male or female?

Have you not seen people who used to write powerful songs but today only write songs filled with clichés and colloquial vocabulary?

When you sit under them ministering on stage or if they direct the choir, you will know they carry grace. But today you come hungry under them, you leave famished..

Being on fire today is not the goal. Staying on fire is the real goal. Just like Marriage Counselors tell us that staying married is different from getting married. With 6 pack, wide hips or a slim figure and 3M you can get hooked and have the wedding of your dreams. But the home game is different. How does love that used to be hot before suddenly become cold? How does someone you couldn’t go a day without seeing suddenly turn to someone you block on phone and don’t want to talk to again?

You feel I’m digressing? Nope. Its the same principles that apply. If you understand why love burns out, you can understand why music ministers burn out. Within the rest of the days of the year, I am believing God to be able to share truths that will help you stay fresh as a Music Minister and not lose steam. I have learnt them from my own life and journey and I pray it helps you.

Let’s have intro into Number 1.

  1. DOING MUSIC FOR THE RIGHT REASONS- Some folks ain’t doing music for the right reasons. People like that burn out easily. I was sharing yesterday about how I began to write on social media and some discouraged me. Now if my reasons were getting accolades, likes and shares trust me I would have stopped. If you’re into Music ministry solely to make money, there’s a high chance you will soon quit. If you’re doing it to get fame, you’re very vulnerable to many things that will make you lose power. If you don’t understand why you should be doing this many things will go wrong. People who have stayed strong doing music had powerful convictions. Your convictions will be tested. You may release that song you claim you didn’t compose but “received” and no one will care to listen. God will test your heart.

I’ll pick it from here tomorrow .

Have fun


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