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The Gospel is not a Lie

Any poor pastor who blesses you is releasing poverty on you; a pastor must be rich – Badu Kobi asserts

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The reason why several pastors have laid
their hands on and prayed for you for the
long-awaited breakthrough but your life
remains the same or the problems rather
compounded has just been revealed.
Founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Church,
Prophet Dr Emmanuel Badu Kobi has asserted
that if a pastor is poor and dares pray for you in
the name of blessing you, he is rather realising
poverty into your life to add to the already existent
According to him, what one has is what he or she
give, so if a pastor is poor, it is poverty he has
and that is what he gives to whoever he prays for.
Backing his claim with Luck chapter 18, the
controversial man of God said it is only ignorant
people who engage in baseless criticism of
pastors who are affluent.

He told Bolaray on Accra-based Starr FM that he
is in full support of the annoying and widely
condemned exhibition of affluence by some
pastors while their congregants remain poor.

If the assertion by the man of God is anything to
go by, then you must not allow just any pastor to
pray for you unless proper due diligence proves
that the pastor is wealthy enough to bless you
instead of donating more poverty to you.
Do you agree with him?

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