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Construction is currently ongoing for the second OPM FREE SPECIALIST HOSPITAL: Apostle Johnson Suleman

Four months after delivery at a particular hospital in Umuahia, the Abia state Capital, a 23-year-old single mother Amarachi Amadi was not allowed to go by the hospital Management due to lack of payment of her bills totalling 543,000.

Several women like Amadi have had such experience in various hospitals and maternity across Nigeria, where the hospital cannot discharge them until full payment is made.

Chiamaka Ogbodo spent more than a year in hospital after she gave birth to her son and was unable to pay for treatment.

These are verifiable incidence which have been in a public domain.

So many pregnant women no longer go to the hospital due to lack of funds and fear of not being attended to. Some cannot even afford the Local maternity homes. This has led to so many women delivering their baby at home thus, contributing to the high rate of maternal mortality.

Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, The General overseer Omega Power Ministries (OPM) has chosen to give the life of the pregnant mothers a meaning and reduce the high rate of maternal mortality in Nigeria through OPM Free Specialist Hospital where all the services are totally free of charge (no hidden charges), including Free feeding after delivery. From the point of registration to delivery is free with free delivery packs in addition to the free services. It is on record that God’s servant was first known for giving free education to the poor. An Icon of Free education, the Pioneer of Church Free Schools, 14 Free schools across Nigeria and still counting.

Construction is currently ongoing for the second OPM FREE SPECIALIST HOSPITAL.

Your tithes, seeds, offerings and Partnerships are yielding positive returns.

You too can connect to this vision and benefit from the Seven fold blessings of Abraham.



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