(what!!!) Masquerades Attack Church

Masquerades on rampage attacked a Church, City
of Living Grace Chapel, in Idu Uruan, Uruan local
government area, Akwa Ibom State, and destroyed
the church’s properties, beat up some members
and stole the phones of others.

It was gathered that the masquerades, who were
purportedly grieved that the pastor of the Church,
Apostle Emmanuel Etim, had repeatedly preached
against the practice of terrorising the citizens
during the Ekpo masquerade festival, were led by
a group of touts to attack the Church.
A member of the Church, Ms Mboutidem Sam,
who spoke with our correspondent in Uyo said the
Church was observing a month long fasting and
prayer service when the incident happened.
She said it was possible that the attack was due
to the fact that their pastor has repeatedly
preached against the fear of Ekpo masquerades
and their activities, adding that the masquerades
must have decided to physically attack the church
as a result of their failed death threats to the
church members.
Sam said the masquerades attacked the church
twice on the same day. She said at first, some
touts entered the church premises and destroyed
the speaker outside and put off the generator and
later returned in a large number with some
According to her, they entered the church and
started beating up people, destroyed church
properties and in the process many members lost
their phones, adding that many people were
injured. She said the masquerades also attacked
a motorcyclist, who brought a member to the
church, and the man ran into the church with
blood dripping from his head, causing many
members to scamper for safety. She stated that
though nobody died, one of the injured persons
was rushed to the hospital but has been
She, howeve,r she said was not aware if the
authorities of the church has reported the incident
to the Police. “They stole phones from the pastor
and some choristers. So many people lost their
“The car of one of our pastors was vandalised,
that was the only car that was destroyed. People
were still coming to Church when the incident
happened. The attack would have been very
severe than that if the Church was filled,” she

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