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14 Amazing and Remarkable women in the Bible to learn from and admire

Mary of Nazareth
Mary’s all-important role in the Bible
goes without saying: The mother of
Jesus, she gave birth to the world’s
savior when she was just a teen, as
the angel Gabriel said she would.

Ruth the Moabite was an example of
unwavering faith bravery in the
Bible. After being widowed early in
life, she stuck with her mother-in-law
and followed God for all her days,
believing he would provide for her.

Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene is an oft-
misunderstood Biblical figure, but she
was certainly a faithful follower of
Jesus. After being healed by Him, she
traveled with Him and witnessed his
crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

Rachel patiently waited to marry her
love Jacob after being cruelly
deceived by her father, who tricked
Jacob into marrying her sister Leah.
Her prayers were answered, and
although she was childless at first, she
became the mother to Joseph and

Hannah desperately prayed for a son,
and promised that she would dedicate
his life to God. When God came
through, she kept her word: She left
her son Samuel to be raised in the
temple (providing her son wisdom
along the way). Hannah’s faithfulness
never faltered.

As the only female judge mentioned
in the Bible, Deborah is known for
being a compassionate leader (of
which there weren’t many in Biblical

Queen Esther showed great courage
by telling the Persian king about a
plan to assassinate him, and later, a
plan to have all the Jews in Persia
killed. With the power of prayer and
bravery, she saved her people.

The prophetess Miriam was Moses’
older sister, and she helped save him
as a baby. Their mother left him in a
basket to protect him from being
killed by Pharaoh, and when
Pharaoh’s daughter found him and
took pity on him, Miriam offered up
their mother to nurse him so they
could stay together.

Abraham’s wife Sarah is an example
of how God keeps his promises: After
telling Abraham she would bear a
son, despite being barren, Sarah gave
birth to Isaac at 90 years old.

Similar to Sarah, Elizabeth was too
old to conceive a child — but God
made it possible. She went on to give
birth to John the Baptist, who told the
world of its coming savior, Jesus

Priscilla is an example of a Godly wife
in the Bible: Throughout her
marriage to Aquila, the couple was
known for their powerful ministry
and generosity to those in need.

Mary of Bethany
The sister of Martha and Lazarus,
Mary always put Jesus first. While she
was hosting Him at her home with
Martha, He commended her for
“choosing the better” by sitting at His
feet instead of being swayed by
housework and entertaining duties.

While Mary’s sister Martha was
chastised by Jesus for putting her
hosting duties above learning Jesus’
word, she was still a devoted follower
who wanted Jesus to be comfortable
and waited upon.

Jehosheba, the daughter of King
Joram, is known for bravely saving
her infant nephew, the prince Joash,
from being massacred by the Queen
Mother. Prince Joash’s survival
preserved the line of David, thanks to

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