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1.Be close to your spouse. Both of you should agree on how to relate with your in-laws. In-law relationships are so delicate. You need wisdom to relate with them and have a blissful relationship with their son/daughter.

2.Don’t visit your spouse’s family without his/ her approval. He knows them more than you do. All the secret visit, gifts and bribe may backfire one day.

3.Relate with your in-laws the way your spouse advise you to relate with them. They understand their parents and siblings better. One woman lamented she advised her husband not to be too close to her siblings, he took her advise with a pinch of salt and got extremely close to her siblings, he died an untimely death shortly after. The woman claimed her siblings killed her husband so he won’t inherit the property due to her that her deceased father left for her as the first born. Take to simple warning. If your partner warns you consistently against his family, be very careful. There is fire on the mountain!

  1. Do not advise your spouse to be close to any family member they don’t want to be close to. He or she knows what they are seeing or experiencing. They may not give you the details to save their family name. Get the hint and swallow your advice.
  2. You and your spouse should be transparently honest with each other and act as one. Don’t say A when your spouse is telling your in-laws B, always agree.
  3. As a wife, respect your husband before his people. Don’t call him names, shout at him and treat him like a slave in front of his people.
  4. As a husband, show your wife love, respect and honour in front of your people, they will treat her the way you do. The way you present your wife is the way your people will address her.
  5. Do not report each other to your in-laws, seek counsel from godly counsellors instead. Families are prone to take side with their son/daughter either in your presence or absence. Blood is thicker than water.
  6. Agree on the amount of money to send to your parents monthly.
  7. Respect, honour and have regard for your in-laws.
  8. Encourage your spouse to help their people when the need arises but if they don’t want to, please, don’t push it, they have their reasons.
  9. Take care of your spouse and children first before taking care of in-laws. Don’t starve your children, go into debt, owe rents and school fees because you want to take care of your parents and siblings.
  10. Respect your brothers and sisters-in -law.
  11. Pray for wisdom on how to handle your in-laws.

You don’t have to encounter problems and conflicts with your in-laws. As long as you walk in wisdom, you can enjoy heaven on earth in your marriage and have excellent relationships with your in-laws. Take note of the 15 rules, add yours and live in paradise forever.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!



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