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7 Ways To Attract A Good Husband

7 Ways To Attract A Good Husband

Last two weeks or thereabout, I read a post from a lady that really touched my heart. The post was touching and emotional. Actually, that post inspired this article.

Paraphrasing the lady said that, it gives her concern that she is yet to settle down in marriage at her age. Those words are really touching and it takes a courageous lady to make such a statement.

Just like this courageous lady, many ladies out there sincerely desire to settle down, they want a man they can call their own, they want a man that will love and care for them. A lot of ladies have this desire but hardly express it for fear of being termed desperate or being used and exploited by guys. There’s nothing wrong with this desire, absolutely. Don’t feel bad about it and don’t allow anyone to shame you because of it.

So, what I intend to do in this article is to show you ways you can attract a good and a responsible man without appearing being desperate. I will be using the advice that Naomi gave Ruth, her daughter in law that made her to attract and marry Boaz, a godly and wealthy man. You will find this advice in the book of Ruth 3 but my emphasis will be on verses 3 and 11 and then I will add other things.

Let me start by saying that, it is not your job to look for a husband as a lady, it’s a man’s duty. Reason being that only few men appreciate ladies that throw themselves at them. Also so you don’t get exploited, devalued and cheapen. A man is a hunter and he values what he got by some effort and sweat.(Prov 18:22) Your own is to position yourself to attract a husband and also to be found.

So, how do you attract a good and a responsible man without appearing being desperate?

  1. Wash Yourself
    I’m sorry to say this but I’m gonna be blunt, a lot of ladies are dirty, clothes o, body o, everything is just dirty. No sane man will have anything to do with a dirty lady. Don’t be surprise if I tell you that, dirtiness has pushed many guys away from many ladies. Dirtiness pisses one off.

So, wash yourself. In other words, be neat. Neatness is attractive. And because of how God fashioned your body as a lady, you shouldn’t be joking with being neat. Wash yourself. Be neat.

  1. Perfume Yourself
    A lot of Christian sisters are on this table. Many of them think that body spray, deodorant, Roll on, perfume, etc., are sinful. Listen, applying the aforementioned stuff are not sin Christian sisters. You will keep going from prayer house to another, fasting and and praying, crying for God to give you husband if this is not taken care of. You want to kill person? God won’t even allow it. Are you a member of odour of Niger?

So, my sister perfume yourself, that is, smell good. Body odour doesn’t give God glory. I’m not insulting anyone, what I’m saying is that you should smell good.

  1. Dress Well
    Again many of sisters are on this table. You will see a lady in her 20s dressing like a mama in her late 60s, many of them wear clothes that are doing environmental sanitation as they are walking along the road.

Dear sis, dress well. Look good. Your dressing speaks volume. It can make you look smart, young and old. No man wants to marry or get attracted to an old woman. Stop dressing like an old woman meanwhile you are young. Dress smartly. In short, look good. It’s attractive.

This also covers your hair. Stop tying scarf every time, your hair will smell o. Plait your hair and allow air into your hair. From head to toe, just look good. We men are attracted by many things, your hair, dress, etc.

  1. Be Visible
    Many ladies want to marry but they hide themselves in the secret place of their rooms. You want to marry but attend church, you won’t, even when you go, after service piaam you have left, attend functions, you won’t, attend wedding, you won’t, attend seminars, you won’t, attend birthdays but you won’t. Don’t worry my sister, Angel Michael will send you a husband through heavenly DHL.

Brothers of Jesus told him one day that, a man that wants to be a public figure doesn’t hide himself in the secret, therefore they advised him to show Himself to the world.(John 7:4) My sister, show yourself to the world. Stop hiding yourself. Position yourself to be found.

  1. Be A Good Girl
    Boaz told Ruth in verse 11 that, everyone knows that you are a Virtuous woman, in other words, a good girl. So, my sister what are people saying about you. Be a good girl.

Work on your character. Character is always the beauty of a woman. Beauty without character is like a gold ring in a swine pit. Character attracts more husband to you than anything else. If you like bath 5 times a day, empty a bottle of perfume on your body, wear your Christmas dress but if you don’t have character, my sister forgot all na wash.

So, in all your neatness, good smell and nice dress, add character to it. Tell yourself the truth about your bad characters and stop saying that men should accept you the way you are, you fit do am?

Good character can make others to recommend you to others. Good character can open doors for you not just the door of marriage.

  1. Be Approachable
    Many ladies build a hedge a fire around themselves and the wall of Jerusalem and yet they still expect men to come close, Sister how?

Remove every obstacle and obstruction. Dismantle the hedge of fire and the walls of Jerusalem around you. Stop boning your face, who offend you? Put a smile on your face, it’s a sign of welcome to us guys. Smile is attractive. Smile.

  1. Pray about it
    Bible says that, you shouldn’t be worried about anything but rather you should pray about everything.(Phillip 4:6-7)

So, pray about it my sister. The Bible also says that God will grant you the desire of your heart. Ask and you shall find. He will grant you your heart desire.

God is a loving and caring father and no father wants his daughter to marry a bad man. Pray and tell God to send you a good husband.

So, here you have may dear sister, 7 ways you can attract good husband to your life.

May the Lord order the step of the right man to you

Thanks for reading


© Okolie Samuel



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