Sun. Nov 17th, 2019


The Gospel is not a Lie


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Letter to my Sisters

Dear Young Lady,
Sexual Purity goes beyond abstaining from Penetrative sex.

Stop giving your body to boyfriends to use for their sexual gratification. In the end they will still walk away and not marry you.
Keep Yourself for your future Husband alone to explore.

YES, you may still be a virgin, but you allow your boyfriend press and even suck your breasts, and you think nothing is wrong with this
YES, you may still be a Virgin, but you perform oral sex on your boyfriend or he does it to you, how exactly is this act normal?
YOU allow him touch you anyhow he likes.
Don’t deceive yourself, you may have an intact hymen but YOU ARE NOT A VIRGIN.

Instead of buying Postinor 2 and Ampiclox Beecham with Andrew’s liver salt every time, why not keep yourself?

Stop allowing boys press your body because “you are in a Relationship” when you “aren’t Married”,
Anything that is continuously being PRESSED becomes DEPRESSED,

~Don’t give the food meant for your Husband to Dogs and then present the Left over to your Husband.~

Keep yourself pure, holy and ready for your Wedding night and beyond.

Even if you’ve lost your Virginity before, same applies to you, start from now and practice sexual purity.

Avoid Masturbation and self pleasuring.

Avoid use of Pornography,
Otherwise you’ll get the Wrong idea about sex that will set up your sex life for problems when you are eventually married.

Abortion can be avoided by simply keeping yourself.
Don’t let any boy deceive you that he will marry you, why can’t he wait if he really wanted to?
Is the vagina running away?

There are consequences to pay for being sexually impure.
Don’t set up faulty Foundations that will hunt your marriage tomorrow..

Don’t be cheap or easy to take to bed.

Your Marriage is blessed. Stay Pure.

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