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When I desired certain traits in a husband, the Holy Spirit clearly told me to watch out for a man who walks with God: Kemi Oyedepo

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When I desired certain traits in a husband, the Holy Spirit clearly told me to watch out for a man who walks with God. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. Then I began to change my focus.

Not a man who was just born again (this is important so don’t misunderstand me) but one with a deep desire to know God and please Him in EVERYTHING. As I wanted to grow spiritually, I craved for someone on that quest so we could help each other.

Such a person takes life seriously and handles their life’s purpose responsibly.

Such a person guards their association, close relationships and the institution of marriage jealousy.

Such a person consciously invites the Holy Spirit to prune traits in them that interfere with their quest for godliness so Christ can be fully formed in them. The list goes on…

One benefit of this I’ve seen is that such a man is EASY to submit to and follow, and of course such a woman is EASY to love and lead. Not because they’re perfect but because they’re committed to walking with God and pleasing Him.

When my husband indicated his interest in me, one thing he’d say often is “I just want God to be pleased with me.” He caught my attention with those words. His mission has only gotten stronger and inspires me daily.

The point of my epistle is that in your desire for a spouse, seek the one walks with God. Even if they’re not there yet, is the desire there and is it genuine? Are they taking tangible steps towards this? Be sure you can see it and be sure you are also on that quest.

If your spouse is clearly after God’s heart, you’re blessed! Keep praying that fire in them never goes out. When a man or woman is truly walking with God, the effects of it shows even in their marriage/family life. It’s palpable; it’s not something that can be hidden or ignored.

If your spouse has little to no desire for God, don’t give up hope. It’s not over yet! Keep praying for them to see their need for total dependence on God. It makes a difference!… And if you need godly counseling, please seek it. Wishing you God’s best in your marriage and family life. Blessed weekend! Cheers…#kemioyedepo #marriage #light #wisdom #crisisproofyourfamily #ontheroadtoido

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