3 Strategies for Seeking Financial Significance

There are three different ways to seek significance with your financial situation.

Making Progress in the Areas That Really Matter: Three Methods for Pursuing Financial Significance

What does it mean to make the most of our circumstances and live a life of meaning? Money, as unbelievable as it seems, may be both our greatest hindrance and our greatest asset as we work toward this good objective. Here are three approaches that have helped me and the people I’ve coached as a financial adviser find meaning and fulfillment in life.

1. Realize the two-sided effects of financial success

The pursuit of wealth often comes at the expense of living a meaningful life. The promise of ease and leisure is an alluring one. Affluence might make us immune to the suffering of others and impair our ability to take an objective look at ourselves.

My buddy told me about his neighbor who had just become the chief executive officer of a Fortune 100 firm. When handing over power, the outgoing CEO said, “Your jokes about to become pretty hilarious.” His counsel went beyond mere humor. People with more material possessions and social status are automatically seen as more intelligent, entertaining, and attractive.

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In almost every superhero origin story, the phrase “with great power comes tremendous responsibility” is said. Here then is my super hero lesson. Those who are given a lot must be prepared to do a lot of work. When you’re a leader with a lot of clout, you may either have a very beneficial or a really bad effect.

2. Concentrate on fertilizing the trees of others.

There must be fruit on other people’s trees for me to eat. While sipping my coffee in an Atlanta cafe, those words came to me. It was said by a guy who has achieved greatness in every field. He was successful in starting enterprises and then selling them. To him, success now means paving the way for others to achieve their goals. Like John Maxwell says, “Success is when I provide value to myself; importance is when I offer value to others.”

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With more cash in hand, our attention shifts inward. But what if we changed our attention to others around us? All of our efforts could amount to something of lasting importance. A person’s time, energy, compassion, money, and presence are all vital to their success. What if we changed into the kind of individuals that put money into the lives of others around them rather than just our own? What if we had the power to affect those around us for the better? So why not you? So why not now?

3. Identify the situations when you can’t afford to fail.

That said, I refuse to put my career ahead of my loved ones. To have an influence on the world is a goal of mine, but not at the price of my faith. Where exactly do you have zero room for error?

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When asked what people should be most afraid of, Francis Chan said, “Success at things that don’t truly matter.” Is it possible that we aren’t terrified enough of the things that we should be? The vast majority of those who sacrifice their loved ones on the altar of progress did not set out to do so. They were understandably anxious about the incorrect matters. They were worried about falling short and being left in the dust by the competition.

Our competitive spirit may serve us well in certain contexts. When it comes to technological advancements, I have no objections. Like you, I like triumphant outcomes. However, let’s make sure we’re triumphing where it counts. Who knows what would occur if we all agreed on what was most important and acted accordingly. What may happen if we all set out to make a difference in the world?

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