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Testimony: My Wife Was Nine Months Pregnant But We Never Knew

Few weeks ago, I said Here that the ANCIENT of The Days Dazed me with a Miracle that I am yet to recover.

Irrespective of your Challenges, It really pays to Follow and Serve the ALMIGHTY GOD with all your Heart because what GOD ALMIGHTY cannot do, does not exist.

Here is my Testimony.
I got married sometime towards the end of 2017. And as a couple, we expected to have our kids.

Year after year and there was no sign of Pregnancy. Wifey was Disturbed and Worried as tongues were wagging here and there.

Wifey visited the doctors and they said all manners of Grammars. Blocked tubes, ovaries, Hormonal imbalance and all their grammars. Infact Medically speaking it was impossible for her to conceive.

By the Grace of GOD and as a Believer and a CHOSEN who has seen the Hand of GOD Raw and Undiluted, I Decided to Forget completely about the matter. I remember telling the LORD that When HE is ready to give me a child, HE should give but as for me I am going Full time into his work.
Infact I told the Lord years ago, you Give me a child or you don’t give me, i will follow you and will Do your work.

By GOD’S Grace I was able to convince wifey to Forget about the issue and Follow me to Serve this GOD with All our Heart.

2021 was coming to an end with no sign of Pregnancy but the Joy of Serving GOD was so much in my home.
We never knew the GOD of Pst Muoka had something for us.

I Have Seen GOD do all kinds of Miracles but what Happened to me and wife is unbelievable.

Sometime around the middle of December 2021, just few weeks ago my wife decided to do a test with this home made kits . To our shock, it showed Positive. My wife Screamed and showed me. We were so happy. It was a Saturday evening and so I asked her to go for a medical test at the hospital on Monday.


She Got to the Hospital and did the test. The doctor asked her like how many weeks is she pregnant ? We said maybe 2months, 4months, etc.

The Doctor was like, you are not serious ooo! He said what do you mean? Are u a child? You are almost due for Delivery.

Brethren, My wife was 9 months pregnant already! 37 weeks already!
How on Earth do you carry a baby for 9 months without knowing? One of the things that Dazed me was the mystery of her belly. From the day in December the Lord made us to know about the pregnancy, her belly began to become big.
Only GOD ALMIGHTY can Do this.

All these while she has been doing everything a Pregnant woman should not do.
She had a Personal trainer who was training her with all sort of Exercises at home, She was Drinking Dried aloe Vera which is used to clean out the bowels. Some ladies even use it for abortion. Hormonal imbalance, blocked tube , confusing periods, and all sort of doctor’s grammars. Infact everything she was doing Were things a pregnant woman should not be doing.

Another Mystery is that she did some home test around July -August and it showed Negative.

The GOD of the CHOSEN! set aside all the these medical and human jargons .

No Antenatal
No Uncle-natal
No Sister/Brother- Natal
No Preparation for baby
This one is GODNatal!

Just few days ago, early in this 2022, the ANCIENT of the Days handed over a Bouncing Heavenly baby boy to I and my wife.
What GOD Cannot Do does not Exists.
There is a difference between what GOD personally and Conciously gives and what you just get.

It Pays to Serve GOD. While I was busy serving God’s Interest, HE carried and hid the baby for 9months before giving us to go Deliver.

For all those out there having any form of challenges, be it In family or whatever, I Admonish you to completely and totally Forget about your Matter,
Genuiely Surrender to JESUS Christ,
Give yourself to Please GOD.
Give yourself to do what will give GOD Joy,
Give yourself to Soul winning.

When BABA will sort you out , it will be like a dream. You won’t even know.

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