When Does the Bible Say That Life Begins?

When, According to the Bible, Does the Beginning of Life Occur?

Current cultural discourse centers on the question of when life actually begins. Though there are a variety of theories on the start of life, the Bible provides the most solid foundation. It is crucial for Christians to understand the origin of life and to share that knowledge with others.

The world teaches us that a baby’s life doesn’t truly begin until after it’s born, yet the Bible tells us something very different.

First Moments of Existence

Life, as the Bible teaches us in Psalm 139:13–16, begins at the moment of conception.

Because it was you who formed me from the womb, who stitched my body together in my mother’s womb. God, you deserve appreciation since you created me in such a marvelous and intricate way. When I was stitched together in the bowels of the ground, my structure was not hidden from you. All the days set for me were recorded in your book before a single one of them came to be, and your eyes saw my unformed body.

Some people take the teachings of secular society to their logical extreme and argue that a human being’s life does not begin until he or she is able to survive without their mother’s help, even after birth.

In spite of these divergent viewpoints, the Bible teaches that human existence begins at conception. A human being is created the moment a fertilized egg is fertilized, and that being deserves the same protections as any other human being.

Many pro-choice supporters argue that life does not begin at conception, especially in light of recent events like the rejection of Roe v. Wade. This is not a Christian nor a biblical perspective. It is a fallacious argument to claim that a fetus in the womb is not alive.

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Life begins the moment a fetus is conceived and continues until death. Unfortunately, many pro-choice supporters don’t mind killing a defenseless infant through abortion because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that it’s not a human being.

Everyone shares God’s image, as the Bible teaches us plainly (Genesis 1:27). This suggests that human beings are created in God’s image at the moment of conception. Abortion is murder because it takes the life of a human being created in God’s image.

When a kid is conceived, life begins, not when they are born. Some of my closest friends from university now have families, and they all told me that they felt an instant connection to their newborns even before they were born.

One acquaintance of mine would read to her unborn child. The bond between a mother and her growing child is unique.

Proponents of abortion claim that the unborn child is not a person until after birth, but if this is true, then how can a mother create an unbreakable link with her kid while it is still in the womb?

Prenatal life signs such as fetal heartbeats and movement support the idea that the newborn is already conscious and conscious of its surroundings even before birth. Pregnant women may experience pain during an abortion, as it has been stated that unborn children can feel pain as well.

I, like many other people, often take things for granted. Even though we must take each day as it comes and live it for the Lord, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the stresses of life.

All the babies who were aborted never got to experience any of these lovely things, such as wandering through a field of flowers, feeling the cool air, or meeting the eyes of someone they love, despite the fact that we humans have had stressful, depressing, and tough times as well.

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It is clear to Christians that human life does not begin at birth or when a child becomes fully self-sufficient; rather, it begins at conception. If you are a woman living in the modern world and you have recently learned that you are pregnant, you may be experiencing a mixture of uncertainty and fear.

If this describes you, please hear me when I say that abortion is not the answer. Many women may find abortion practical because they are not emotionally or financially prepared to become mothers, or because they have been coerced into having a child against their will.

That human being developing inside of you was made by God whether or not you want to acknowledge that fact. The life developing inside of you is a human being, just like you and I.

Because we are all created in God’s image, even a developing fetus deserves protection under the law.

A fetus is a fully formed human being with its own nervous system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system. We were all defenseless infants cradled in the arms of our mothers’ wounds. Individually, we entered the world as living beings at the moment of conception.

Rather of coming to life at birth, we have always been conscious and able to respond to our environment.

Why Every Life Matters

The significance of human life is often brought up in discussions about the beginning of life. The Bible is our supreme manual as Christians. In it, we get God’s complete and final revelation of every truth for which we have any need.

God has created each and every human being and therefore loves them equally. He strongly opposes any and all abortions. Our hearts bleed for the young victims of mass shootings at elementary, middle, and high schools when we hear the news on television or read about it on social media, but many people find joy in hearing that abortion legislation have been approved.

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From a moral perspective, this is full of hypocrisy and double standards. If we truly care about the well-being of the human population, we must likewise respect the rights of unborn infants.

An unborn child deserves the same safeguards in life as his or her mother and father as it develops and grows inside the mother’s womb.

Because it implies that a fetus has the same value as an adult, this phrase can make some people uncomfortable or even uncomfortable. Do you get what I’m trying to say?

Absolutely. Like every person, an unborn baby has God’s likeness. All of us had the good fortune to develop inside our mothers’ wombs without having the option of being terminated.

Please consider this before deciding to have an abortion or to advocate for abortion. The Lord holds each and every one of His children with the highest regard. Similarly, we should view each and every child as priceless.

In what ways does this matter?

Since every human being begins their life at conception, we must learn to appreciate it in our own lives. The unborn child is no less a person than anyone else.

A baby in the womb has no say in the matter and can do nothing to help themselves. As Christians, we have a responsibility to advocate on behalf of people who are unable to do so. Therefore, the Bible teaches that life begins at conception and that no one should ever question this truth.

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