Win The War Within (Video) – Pastor Joel Osteen

Senior Pastor of Lakewood church Pastor Joel Osteen speaks on how believers can win a battle on the inside with a message titled “Win The War Within”.

He said, “There’s a battle taking place on the inside of each one of us. It’s a battle between the flesh and the spirit . The flesh represents our carnal nature, it’s things like jealousy, pride, compromise.

It’s the easy way to live in the flesh, “if someone is rude to you, you’re rude back to them” and that is very wrong. God will not be happy with you, that’s why we have to the flesh and walk in the spirit.  And ” If you don’t feel like having a good attitude, you will go through the day feeling sour and unhappy.

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“The scripture says “Those who live by the dictates of the flesh lives against God rules.” The flesh is described as a dictator because the flesh wants to control everything that we do> The flesh wants to make all the decisions for us. It is they (flesh) tell us what to do and when to do it.  We should learn to fight the flesh and walk in the spirit and live according to God’s wills.

Many people follow the dictates of the flesh and it sours their and their life. They are always giving in to the wrong things of the world.  “Jealousy, Being rude, and always complaining.  

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“The best answer or solution is to “walk in the spirit”. Walking in the spirit means you do the right thing even when it’s hard.

When you are not rude to someone, when they are rude to you or when you stay faithful in your relationship.  Even when someone is trying to lure you away. You are living in the spirit and obeying God’s will.

“Do you know what’s is limiting some people? It is not because they’re not talented. Also it’s not that they don’t have God’s favor.  What is limiting  people is that they are allowing the flesh to control them.

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“In addition, Pastor Osteen said that next time you’re tempted to be jealous, to find fault or, to say something judgemental, tell the flesh “NO”. Try and stay happy and see the best in life.

Quit letting the flesh to control you and be dictator of your life, You have to take charge of your life.

Watch the sermon below;

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