What to Do If Your Kid Keeps Asking You Difficult Questions

Here’s What to Do When Your Kid Keeps Asking Questions

Having to wait anxiously for my kids to open up to me is something I’ll never forget. I was excited to finally have the chance to talk to them, hear their voices, and figure out what they were really going through underneath all the crocodile tears. After five years have passed, I find myself questioning my initial enthusiasm for their conversation. Only half joking. Our house is always buzzing with talk. Sometimes it’s their charming discussions sandwiched amongst all the stimulus, and other times it’s their loud, ear-piercing shrieks while playing. The questions are both my favorite and my least favorite part. I’m thrilled by my kid’s curiosity and desire to comprehend deeply, yet he or she always seems to have so many questions!

Why is the sky blue?”

“I don’t understand why I have to go to school.”

The question, “Why do I have to wash my hands?”

The question, “Why do I need to put on sunscreen?”

“Thunder is so loud; why is that?”

We can answer these questions or find the answers with a quick Google search. The burden of the difficult questions to which we do not have satisfactory answers can be considerable.

Asking, “Why can’t I see God?”

Why do healthy individuals have to get sick?”

My family and I are devastated by the loss of our dog.

The question was, “How can I know you will always be here for me?”

When asked, “How do we get to heaven?” Surely it’s in the sky? Please tell me it’s on an airplane.

Even before they learned to speak, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to answer my children’s inquiries and show them how our wonderful God had created the world. These are questions I cannot answer for you, but I understand how they might tug at your emotions. As parents, we want to be able to reassure our children with a response like that. We hope that by explaining things to our kids, we might help ease some of their anxiety. however there are instances when we just can’t. What then shall we do?

Our family is committed to teaching our children about Jesus.

Naturally, but how can we accomplish that? Any inquiry, discussion topic, or event can, in my opinion, be used to direct our children to God the Father.

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To His Word We Look

You may find the answer to any query you have nowadays by searching the internet. A quick Google search, scouring the profiles of people whose opinions we value, perusing the highlight reels of social media, or consulting a reference book are all viable options. In spite of the abundance of resources at our disposal, the Scriptures remain the best bet for discovering the answers and comfort we need.

Your advice is like a beacon that guides my steps. Psalm 119:105 ESV

Everything we need to know, use, and fight with comes from God’s Word. It’s like having a light at the end of a tunnel, illuminating the way ahead. Bible study isn’t limited to Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings; we can do it everywhere, from the comfort of our own homes to the comfort of our own porches to the comfort of our vacation spots thousands of miles away. When we are stumped by a problem, we can look to the Bible for guidance. I hope you’ll take the initiative to investigate this with your kid rather than just looking for it yourself. Our kids will understand where their hope comes from when they see us turning to the Bible for guidance. As a tool, our Bible is something we should utilize frequently. So that we may be thoroughly prepared for every good task, I urge each of us to do more than just read the Bible.

All of Scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness so that a man of God may be fully capable and equipped for every good deed.
ESV: 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Our group regularly engages in prayer. However, there are situations when the answer isn’t crystal apparent, or isn’t one that you or your child is willing to accept. We need to keep in mind that for those who love Jesus, all things work together for good, but we’re having trouble grasping what that means.

“When you call upon me, I will answer you and reveal to you profound and hidden truths that you have not known before.”
Verse 3 of Jeremiah 33 in the English Standard Version

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If we call upon the Lord, He will answer us, as this passage assures us. In prayer, we speak with God the Father on an intimate and personal level. And bless God, we can pray to Him whenever we want, day or night. He’s not the type of friend who would become tired of our incessant looking. He is not the type of friend who would pretend to be too busy to talk to us. He is not the type of friend that pretends to care while secretly not giving a hoot. And thank God He is not the tired parent who is always being relied on by the kids. All he can do is wait, be willing, patient, and empathetic.

Our children will learn where to turn for support once they have witnessed firsthand the sources of such support. Even while we’re apart, our kids will have questions. As soon as they meet us after school, they’ll fire off a slew of questions. Whenever doubts arise, how can we best support them? It’s possible for us to inspire them to pray. When we pray with our kids, we have the opportunity to introduce them to a relationship with God. He wishes to be addressed by them, but they are unable to pray until they are taught.

The Worshipping Heart Gives Its All

Have you ever opened your Bible to read and felt completely overwhelmed? There’s a lot going in your head, making it difficult to concentrate on the text in front of you. You want to pour out your concerns to Him, but none of your words seem to be landing where they need to. It could just be me, but I often find myself feeling crushed under the weight of questions I don’t have solutions to. At this point, my worship acts as an intermediary between me and the Father. As I raise my hands in praise, the heaviness of my defeat and doubt rises from my chest. In prayer, we can hear from God. Think about the worship that Paul and Silas showed while they were locked up.

Around midnight, while the prisoners listened to Paul and Silas pray and sing praises to God, a massive earthquake struck, shaking the prison to its foundations. All the doors flew open, and the restraints were loosened instantly. Isaiah 40:10 ESV

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Even though they were unable to move around the cell they were in that night as a result of having their feet shackled in stocks, that did not stop them from praising and worshipping the Lord. When we sing a song of praise to the Father from a place of openness and willingness, we have the power to shatter any chains holding us back.

The Blessing of His Presence Is Desired

The future of our children depends on us. But you already know everything, mama! This expression is like a gong ringing to remind us that we are in the presence of the One who knows everything and that we, ourselves, do not have all the answers.

It is impossible to put a number on God’s wisdom or might, but we know they are both infinite. Verse 5 of Psalm 147, English Standard Version

His wit and wisdom have no bounds. Since He sees all, there’s no reason we shouldn’t seek His guidance first. He is with us in the small things, the everyday, and the times when we feel completely helpless. Simply put, we can’t get away from God’s watchful eye. Thank God for that! We can be honest with our kids and tell them that we don’t know everything. Despite this admission, the globe will keep on turning. And this is the springboard for telling our kids about the One who really does know everything. Because of this, we are able to put our trust and faith in Christ alone, who is the true source of all authority and power. God never intended for us to know all the answers, yet there is nothing more heartbreaking than the screams of a youngster or adolescent who cannot seem to understand their unanswered questions. To rely on Him and direct our kids to Him is what he wanted.

I did not provide you a secret binder with every answer we could possibly need (sorry), but I am hoping that you will learn more than just the answers. The Lord uses us to point our children back to Himself, and I pray that you may find peace in the moments like these.

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